Premium Telegram for 1 Year only 23.99$


Instant Delivery master card for do premium your account telegram
#Legal card (you can reload it)
#You can renew it every month
#also you can get more discount for Bulk Purchase



How to do use ?

step 1:Go to telegram Premium in setting telegram(only use Original telegram and download of website and DO NOT USE telegram installed with google paly because price is high

Step2: Select Annual or Monthly Plan and send subscribe button

Step 3: fill field master card number and cvv and expired date and go to payment ( after purchase you will deliver instant)

step 4: go to under website and get OTP or SMS for complete transaction(your code will be show in up website and under 1 minute)

Finish and enjoy of your Telegram Premium

Method Premium for Premium Forbiden Country:

For countries sanctioned by Telegram for premium, such as Iran, Russia, India, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, first the customer must change his Telegram number to a foreign virtual number, then premium the virtual number, and finally change from the virtual number to his personal Telegram number.

Step1: First, download and install the independent version of the Telegram store from the Telegram website and log in to your account.

 Go to settings and click on your current number, tap Change Number and then Change.

Step2: Enter the virtual number. Wait for the confirmation code and after receiving it, enter the code. Now your number has changed and you can upgrade your account.

you can purchase number of under website:

Step3:Enter the settings again, go to the bottom and select the Telegram Premium option and then tap on Subscribe for $3.99 per month.

Step4:Now you will enter the subscription purchase bot, if you do not see this option, search for @ PremiumBot ID in the chats section and enter the bot.

Select the Start option and then select Pay $3.99. Agree to the terms and conditions of the special service by ticking the bottom of the page and tap PAY $3.99.

Step5: On the next page, you will be asked to enter the credit card details. After entering, select the tick option at the top of the page to add a payment method. On the next page, tap PAY again and then Continue.

At this stage, you enter the credit card that you purchased from my game card store on this product page, which contains a 16-digit number, an expiration date, and a 3-digit CVV number, and you will be immediately transferred to the portal.

At the gate, you will be asked for a 6-digit number, which can be viewed from the following website

If successful, you will see the following message.

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